19 Aug '11, 4am

Why are students taught to write complaint letters in school instead of complimentary letters, our reader asks. #SGedu

ONE reason customers behave rudely and unreasonably at public service counters is that they feel this is the only way they can get what they want ("Front-line officers take more flak"; Wednesday). And because front-line counter staff relent, such behaviour is reinforced and repeated. Is school a reason for such behaviour as well, equipping pupils with the tools to complain? My two children, aged 13 and 15, were taught how to craft letters of complaint in primary school, and when they were secondary school pupils. Why don't schools teach them how to write complimentary letters instead?

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WWW.AUDREYLIM.COM: We could happen.

WWW.AUDREYLIM.COM: We could happen.

audreylim.com 21 Aug '11, 5pm

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Students from BBSS on STOMP! Such a letdown!

singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg 18 Aug '11, 12pm

A group of students who made a nuisance of themselves at a fast food outlet challenged an annoyed STOMPer to film and repo...