20 Aug '11, 2am

Is Joscelin Yeo pregnant?

Is Joscelin Yeo pregnant?

IS FORMER Nominated Member of Parliament (NMP) and former national swimmer Joscelin Yeo pregnant? This has been on the minds of netizens since Wednesday, after a video of her was uploaded on YouTube. In the video, titled "Dear Dr Tony Tan, from Joscelin Yeo", Ms Yeo, 32, thanked Dr Tan for being a "faithful patron to Singapore swimming for so many years". What caught many netizens' attention was not so much her message but the fact that Ms Yeo looked to have a baby bump. More in The New Paper on Saturday (Aug 20). Dear Dr Tony Tan, from Joscelin Yeo from Office of Dr Tony Tan on Vimeo .

Full article: http://www.tnp.sg/content/joscelin-yeo-pregnant


Is former swim queen Joscelin Yeo pregnant? In a video posted on YouTube, she appeared to have a visible baby bump.

Is former swim queen Joscelin Yeo pregnant? In ...

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