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@kiranks The only south indian temple dedicated to Sri krishna and rukmini. Singapore. Sri Krishna Temple. 1870.

Sri Krishnan Temple (a.k.a Sri Krishna Temple), on Waterloo Street was established in 1870. It is the only South Indian Hindu temple in Singapore dedicated exclusively to Sri Krishna and his consort Rukmini. Description The Sri Krishnan Temple was established in 1870 when a person named Hanuman Beem Singh set up an idol of Sri Krishna under a banyan tree in Waterloo Street. Little is known about Hanuman Beem Singh, save for the fact that he set up the idol to cater to the religious needs of a large Hindu community that had established itself in the area bound by Bras Basah Road, Victoria street and Albert Street. Beem Singh passed on the management of the temple to his son Humna Somapah when he became too old to manage it on his own. By then, the number of people who congregated to worship at the temple had grown extensively. In 1904, the management of the temple was passe...

Full article: http://infopedia.nl.sg/articles/SIP_276_2004-12-24.html


Project 365 : Temple Charms

Project 365 : Temple Charms

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