26 Aug '11, 2am

[xinmsn video] Artistes undergo paramedic training! @Jeanette_Aw #Rescue995

Sizzling Woks is back! Pornsak and Lee Teng has passed on the baton to Kym Ng and Vivian Lai for a fresh female take on all the good food in Singapore!Over 13 episodes, Sizzling Woks 3 will bring you to 13 estates around the island to suss out the best tze-char stalls in town!While previous seasons took a north/south/east/west approach, Season 3 will focus on one estate per episode for a more detailed introduction!At each stall, 3 main dishes will be introduced:- Signature dish- Most Popular dish- Most Creative dishBesides the 2 hosts, a professional chef will be invited as a special guest for each episode. The chef will critique on each dish, and compare the way in which the dishes were prepared, highlighting the differences in approach between the tze-char stall and a restaurant!

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