28 Jan '11, 12pm

New CHICK VS DICK ep - Distraction Challenge! How well can Paul & @yankaykay focus while being distracted?

Chick vs. Dick: EP70 - The Distraction Challenge Paul and Kay Kay have to perform certain tasks while being distracted. Who did better? Watch and vote!

Full article: http://www.clicknetwork.tv/watch.aspx?c=1&p=13&v=467


New PLAYLIST ep! Remember the guy who sang for ...

clicknetwork.tv 24 Jan '11, 6am

Sean Harrison - 'Girl In A Black Dress' This song is about a girl he used to like last year!

MOF launches the Budget Challenge: SINGAPORE: E...

channelnewsasia.com 26 Jan '11, 5am

SINGAPORE: Eleven schools will be taking part in the Budget Challenge 2011 to debate on their proposed policy initiatives ...