29 Jan '11, 4am

Have set up a new thread in cozycot: Ask me Anything BGR. Help me spread the word! :) #cozycot @cozycot

Are you for real? There is already an “all about relationship” thread where potentially hundreds of thousands of people can give their advice, what makes you believe you can bring something different to the table? Because if it is your 3 “credibility points”, then you might wanna think again (I couldn’t help but laugh when I read those, they are so naïve). I have nothing against you (obviously) but here is a reality check for you: 1) All people think they can give some good advice when it comes to relationships. 2) And all girls think they can find the right match for other people and fix friends up.

Full article: http://forums.cozycot.com/relationship/63359-ask-me-anyth...


Do you have what it takes to be a CozyCot Blogger?

Do you have what it takes to be a CozyCot Blogger?

cozycot.com 26 Jan '11, 8am

Are you a hot savvy blogger that possesses a smart mind, a chic attitude, a topic to shout about and mind-blowing writing ...