23 Sep '11, 8am

[ST] Filipino jailed 5 months for being armed with bread knife

A Filipino national, who was originally accused of attempted armed robbery at a fast-food restaurant, was jailed for five months on Friday for being found armed with a bread knife. Porte Gerald Christian Magsalubong, 30, admitted to the reduced charge of being found with the dangerous weapon at Burger King outlet in International Plaza, Anson Road, on Jun 8. The court heard that the waiter and a fellow flatmate, Charlie Cabo Perez, 32, hatched a plan to rob the Burger King outlet at Anson Road. The plan was to wear caps which would cover the top half of their faces while donning surgical masks.

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Reflections at 25 months

Reflections at 25 months

olimomok.livejournal.com 25 Sep '11, 12pm

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