30 Sep '11, 1pm

20 Coolest iPad Ideas For Your Library

With iPads all the rage in schools and colleges across the nation, it was only a matter of time before libraries started getting in on the craze as well. Many public and university institutions lead the way with iPad adoption by developing some pretty cool uses for their patrons. Librarians, MLS majors and avowed bibliophiles alike should take note, as there are plenty of great ideas about using the iPad worth emulating– or at least taking the time to explore. We’ve listed just a few ways we think these wondrous gadgets are best being used in libraries, hopefully providing some inspiration on how to get started making your workspace a more tech-savvy, iPad-friendly environment.

Full article: http://www.youngupstarts.com/2011/09/30/20-coolest-ipad-i...


Chanel iPad Case [Best Of The Best 2010] #luxury

Chanel iPad Case [Best Of The Best 2010] #luxury

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SEO for the iPad

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Surely the first all comphrensive guide for iPad centered web site optimization, because what you wrote goes further SEO. ...

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Join me at Library!

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Been choosing bars&pubs over clubs nowadays.Especially those who has their own live band where I can just have a beer,chil...

Fewer media schemes, but more great ideas, please

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This is to encourage media companies such as film-production houses to work on refining their pre-production ideas and doi...

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Historic Florentine-Style Villa in Bay Area Lis...

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Seasonal Sales! Nothing above $20!

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Top 20 blue chips

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Someone asked for my views if this is a good time to invest in the market. My answer is - "yes". For a long term investor,...

Amazon launches iPad rival, the Kindle Fire

Amazon launches iPad rival, the Kindle Fire

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Amazon unveiled a tablet computer, the Kindle Fire, on Wednesday in a challenge to Apple's market-leading iPad. -- PHOTO: ...

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#kindlefire Kindle fire or iPad 2? What's your ...

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Amazon set the tech world ablaze when it unveiled its latest tablet, the Kindle Fire, on Wednesday. Going for less than ha...

All Lawyers Should Have An iPad!

All Lawyers Should Have An iPad!

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I only own an iPad hence I am unable to advise whether the other tablets are good. But if you’re looking for an iPad for w...

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Saturday will be a much-awaited day for readers of Singapore's leading financial daily The Business Times (BT), as it laun...

Software: Download PPTV for iPad

Software: Download PPTV for iPad

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PPTV for iPad had a new interface just like Download PPTV for iPhone & iPod touch. It has category, region, year and video...