10 Oct '11, 4am

If you missed @Kimberly_Chia & Ian Fang @ian_ianization live on HOT SEAT last night check out the video!

Hot Seat: Kimberly Chia and Ian Fang (Webcam Recording 9 Oct 2011)

Full article: http://www.clicknetwork.tv/watch.aspx?c=5&p=29&v=630


#Occupy - Oct 9

energybulletin.net 09 Oct '11, 7am

Suggested by EB contributor andrew who writes: "The link is to a recording of a Derrick Jensen speech to the protesters at...

“Thank God I’m Hot”

“Thank God I’m Hot”

thebutterfactory.com 10 Oct '11, 4am

Trust me, being hot is a privilege. You get complimentary this and complimentary that, the list could go on… but you get t...

The Automatic Earth: Oct 9 2011, Occupy Debit Card Fees

The Automatic Earth: Oct 9 2011, Occupy Debit C...

The Fitch agency downgraded its sovereign credit rating for Italy and Spain today and said its long-term outlook for both ...