14 Oct '11, 9pm

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ALTHOUGH culling is the primary measure in Singapore to control and prevent a rabies outbreak, it is no longer considered an effective method of control by international standards. As documented in the World Health Organization report "Strategies for the control and elimination of rabies in Asia", many of our neighbouring countries practise rabies vaccination as a primary means of control and prevention. Progressive states in America as well as Asia, such as Thailand and Sri Lanka, are adopting the trap-sterilise-release method of control. However, this is not considered seriously enough in Singapore. The authorities here should also be more aggressive in promoting responsible pet ownership and adoption through the mass media, besides holding roadshows. Over the years, there have been more animal abandonment cases and the number is expected to rise further in an economic d...

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  1. 17 Oct '11, 3am

    I get chased by stray dogs many time on fishing trips at ( 6:45pm – 7:00pm )

    This is the time that stray dog become more aggressive after 6:45pm. And start to attack people walking past there.

    ( And it's not safe to ride a bike or walk past there )

    ( Only safe to drive a car there, but not safe to ride a bike or walk past there )

    On weekend many school student and family went there for other activity.

    And the place become danger zone of stray dogs attack bicycle rider, motorcycles rider , jogging and fishing trips people.

    We saw this women took many plastic bag of dogs foods from her car to feed the stray dogs. And She dirty the place too of feeding the stray dogs.

    Her vehicles licence plate number: SFY5217G.

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  2. 17 Oct '11, 3am

    On 8-10-2011, I with my family on our way back from fishing trips on 7PM at ( Pasir Ris Coast Industrial Park 6 ) Lorong Halus. My 9 years old daughter calling for help about the huge black dogs try to bite my 9 years old daughter in front of me .
    The women that feed the stray dog was there too. And she keep talking to her friend on phone and not even care about my daughter of her stray dog try to attack.
    I’m so angry, and took my fishing rod to chased the stray dogs away.
    What I'm not happy about it. Is in this women mind that feed the stray dog, my 9 years old daughter life is not worth it than her stray dogs !!! And the women will not doing anything to stop her stray dogs try to bite my 9 years old daughter in front of me!!!!!!!!!

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