17 Oct '11, 12am

Really enjoyed Stephanie Ye's piece in the latest QLRS: #sgliterature

This must be so awful for you, he said now. I wish I could remember our wedding… I hope we've been happy… Looking at the flush in his haggard cheeks, she didn't have the heart to tell him, no, we didn't make it. Our love didn't last. Too bad, this is all a lie! Instead, she let him take her in his arms and she told him again about the night he proposed, on a beach under the stars. It wasn't a nice beach – it was a city beach, smoky from the barbecue pits being manned by pot-bellied middle-aged men, as their wives sipped spiked lemonade and occasionally shouted at the children who wriggled underfoot, engaged in their own complex negotiations. As for the stars, those ancient fires were obscured by cloud cover and the reflection of the city lights. Only the sea looked anywhere near romantic, swollen at high tide, the waves rippling like the scales of an elusive creature. On t...

Full article: http://www.qlrs.com/story.asp?id=864


Daily Wrap-up: The McGladrey Classic, Round 4

pgatour.com 16 Oct '11, 10pm

Daily Wrap-up: The McGladrey Classic, Round 4 text size Oct. 16, 2011 By Staff and Wire Reports ST. SIMONS ISLAND, Ga. -- ...