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4. Harvard-Yenching Institute 홈피는 이니 들어가서 읽어나 보고 '허위학력' 운운하길 바란다.

Founded more than eighty years ago through the generosity of the estate of Charles M. Hall, the Harvard-Yenching Institute is an independent foundation located on the campus of Harvard University. The Institute currently enjoys partnerships with more than fifty universities and research centers in East and Southeast Asia. We support doctoral scholarships, visiting fellowships, academic publications, advanced training programs, conferences and other scholarly initiatives—in Asia, at Harvard University, and elsewhere—intended to increase scholarly communication and to promote graduate and post-graduate research in Asian studies. We invite you to visit our website often to learn more both about us and about Asia. —Elizabeth J. Perry , Harvard-Yenching Institute Director and Henry Rosovsky Professor of Government, Harvard University

Full article: http://www.harvard-yenching.org/


심각하군요. 하버드 법대는 그런 사람 없다고 하고, 하버드-옌칭 졸업생 명부에도 없고...

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