23 Oct '11, 2am

US hiker accidentally shot and killed after hunter mistakes him for a bear

SUBLIMITY, Oregon (AP) - A member of the US Marine Corps Reserves was shot and killed in Oregon after authorities say a hunter mistook him for a bear. Christopher Ochoa, a 20-year-old from French Camp, California, and a friend were hiking through a field in Western Oregon on the way to Silver Creek Falls Park on Friday evening. Ochoa was wearing dark-coloured clothing when an Oregon man hunting for bear with his 12-year-old grandson saw something moving in the brush and fired one shot from a .270-calibre rifle, striking Ochoa, the Marion County Sheriff's Office said. The sheriff's office said the hunter, Gene Collier, 67, hasn't been charged and said the shooting appeared to be accidental but turned the case over to the local district attorney's office.

Full article: http://www.straitstimes.com/BreakingNews/World/Story/STIS...


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Cronyism in the US:

mysingaporenews.blogspot.com 28 Oct '11, 12am

Nicholas Kristof of The New York Times wrote an interesting article about Occupy Wall Street Movement and corruption in th...

My Shot: Chubby Chandler

My Shot: Chubby Chandler

golfdigest.com 21 Oct '11, 4pm

Note: Chandler split with Rory McIlroy on Friday, October 21. Jinx and a blessing are never far apart . When Graeme McDowe...

Bear Cub Shops for Fruit | Care2 Causes

Bear Cub Shops for Fruit | Care2 Causes

care2.com 19 Oct '11, 4am

When a bear cub clambered through the vegetable display of Tatsuda’s IGA — a Ketchikan, Alaska grocery store — the young b...