08 Nov '11, 10am

@daphnemaia I ALWAYS use Cheap and good and IMO better than bbqwholesale!

Thank you for supporting EZB for the past 7 years. As a company committed to continually improve our food and service quality, we have enhanced the functions on our website to allow more interaction between our customers and EZB. Over here at the new website, you can: Sign up as a member to enjoy more benefits than ever! To find out more, please proceed here In order to facilitate cashless transactions, all payment will be done online via VISA/ Mastercard / AMEX or through your Paypal Account starting December 2010. (latest) Make changes to our EZB Packages online to cater better for the event you are hosting. Cost of the packages will be reflected accordingly to the value of the items that are changed. Place order via Classic Way (similar to placing order via our old website) or via Express Order which is more streamlined for customers who are already familiar with our pr...

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I am not ashamed to admit that I am a Potato Parent. I am not pleased to admit it... but I am not ashamed. See... I didn't...