29 Nov '11, 1am

'Men with no money are rubbish!': Video of Chinese woman scolding boyfriend for 'being too poor' goes viral

(THE STAR/ASIA NEWS NETWORK) - Guang Ming Daily reported that a video of a woman scolding her boyfriend has gone viral on the Internet in China. In the clip filmed by a commuter, the couple was travelling in a subway in a city believed to be Beijing. The woman, who appears to be in her 20s, is seen scolding the man for being too poor. 'Men with no money are rubbish!' she shouted. The man, however, remained silent. Seeing that her boyfriend was not responding, the woman shouted: 'Do you know you're hopeless? Yet, you still want me to marry you. Forget it, I'm moving out tonight.' She then walked out of the train alone. VIDEO: Chinese woman scolds boyfriend for being too poor

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  1. 29 Nov '11, 7am

    Reality of life....definitely a lot of materialistic girls out there.....><"

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@vinniebeannie will this match taia kate dress ar?

hervelvetvase.com 01 Dec '11, 2am

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