29 Nov '11, 2am

Sheesh. Voices: A reader raises her concerns about shisha smoking at Kampong Glam:

I was in the Kampong Glam area on Friday night and was surprised by the proliferation of shisha cafes and restaurants, packed with customers. While I respect the individual's choice to smoke, it becomes a public concern and nuisance when customers/smokers are packed along the five-foot way and even the roads. Along Bussorah Street especially, I found myself having to walk on the road - which was already dangerous because of illegally parked cars - as the pavements were filled with tables, chairs and the tobacco pipes. What is the authority's stance on shisha smoking? This is bound by the same regulations as tobacco, which means that shisha smoking should take up no more than 20 per cent of an establishment's outdoor space. But almost every table along these pavements had shisha pipes. Are we closing one eye to this because of a perceived "hip" factor?

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