04 Dec '11, 5am

Shovelnose #shark weighing over 35kg caught at #Bedok Jetty

zhenyioo: Yes, it's still safe. Shovelnose rays (also known as guitarfish) feed on molluscs and crustaceans on the sea bed, as well as small fishes. Danger posed to people would come from catching one, and then getting slapped by the powerful tail as it struggles. Platini10: No, it's a different family from the stingray. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guitarfish Interesting record, but I wish more people would release their catches. Sharks and rays are very vulnerable to overfishing, and we simply have no idea if their populations in the region are affected by a commercial fishing and angling. Besides, it's always a good idea to release such a large fish, and let it live so that another angler can pit his skills against it in future.

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