11 Dec '11, 3am


A lifestyle magazine programme that uncovers interesting things and value-for-money shops in HDB estates. It will provide consumer information that is useful in stretching the dollar for all.There is an increasing emergence of the HDB Tai-Tai who prefers to spend time and money in the heartlands rather than in town. Also with the advent of satellite towns as well as increasing number of quality services and food outlets in heartlands, this is emerging as a strong new consumer trend. This programme serves to introduce this new way of spending. The 2 HDB Tai Tais return to bring the audience on a search for more good deals and gems hidden in HDB estates. The 2 ladies continue to suss out interesting things about HDB estates and each episode will continue to focus on 1 housing estate.

Full article: http://video.xin.msn.com/watch/video/snsd-genie/tnq8cqri


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