12 Dec '11, 12pm

Cuddly toy frog lost by German couple 'rescued' in Alps

VIENNA (AFP) - A mountain rescuer said on Monday he was hired by a German couple to look for their toy frog that had tumbled from a 2,000m peak in the Austrian Alps. After an eight-hour search costing Doris and Juergen Bellmann 425 euros (S$731), the cuddly green toy, something of a lucky charm for the couple from near Munich, was found, rescuer Mr Markus Fleischmann told AFP. 'It wasn't that dangerous a mission and, it being off-season, I had nothing better to do,' he said. Mdm Doris Bellmann, 53, told the Heute daily that she was taking a photograph of her engineer husband and the frog on top of the 2,192m Hinteren Goinger Halt peak in the Austrian state of Tyrol last month.

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New species of frog sings like a bird

New species of frog sings like a bird

news.mongabay.com 12 Dec '11, 10pm

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