28 Feb '11, 2pm

あとでみよーうっとw 友達に教えてもらったミスシンガポールユニバースがとても味わい深い件。候補者写真右下のNext、のクリックでどんどん次の女の子が見られます。

aiya , as long as can get into miss singapore competition, consider not bad liao la, shenton way or rafffles places, yes alot of pretty gals too never take part in competition, can see they all chio ( in studio photos all looks good ) but if you're 'fine dining' type of person - e.g. "i like a glass of Pinor Noir for my Salmon A la bourguignonne" ....then you know which countries are best la....from my own made old saying : 路上随便挑一个,臭臭都能找到个美的 i don't know about you, i personally think ...top 3, , not in any order, china, japan, korea, they have the top quality...is all in their centuries inherited gene, with fair and non-aging complexion, especially from China....nice long legs, more woman than woman, gentle and sweet voice ...but downside is, not good in english ( who cares !!)

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人们都知道素食有利于身体健康,但有一种素食料理不仅如此,还能通过禅式理念有助于精神健康,它就是精进料理(Shojin Ryori)。 精进料理是一种日式素食料理,它原本只是禅寺里修行的和尚食用的料理,由于其健康和禅式的烹煮理念,后来日渐兴起。 ...

Q4 2010 Business Receipts For Services Sector U...

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The services sector has been a key player and beneficiary of Singapore’s economic rebound, with overall business receipts ...