01 Mar '11, 2am

Save up to 30% at RP Laptop Roadshow! Unbeatable prices only for all existing RP students and staff

Offers are still valid after Road Show, however freebies may not be available anymore. You may also contact the vendors directly via phone, email or fax. This offer is only open to ALL existing RP students and staff.

Full article: http://www.rp.sg/notebook/


SDP: Let us help to resolve RP issue

SDP: Let us help to resolve RP issue

yoursdp.org 25 Feb '11, 2am

It is most unfortunate that developments in the Reform Party (RP) have come to a head causing some of its members to resig...

Residential property prices reach seven-year hi...

channelnewsasia.com 28 Feb '11, 9am

TAIPEI: Residential property prices in Taiwan have reached a seven-year high, triggering fears of a housing bubble. The bo...