28 Dec '11, 10am

本田圭佑が「2011年の最優秀男性アスリート20人」に選出 #honda18 #CSKA

本田圭佑が「2011年の最優秀男性アスリート20人」に選出 #honda18 #CSKA

Regarded as the best footballer on the planet, the only thing that eludes Lionel Messi now is a World cup. Considering the fact that he hasn't turned 25 yet, it's likely that the Argentine will be able to achieve this ambition within the next two World Cups.

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Singapore's sports future in trio's hands

todayonline.com 27 Dec '11, 9pm

SINGAPORE - With the S$1.33 billion Sports Hub slated to be ready by April 2014, the task of charting Singapore's sporting...