30 Dec '11, 8am

[Oh Look, Krill!] At The Library

Watching kids play Dance Central. I don't want to stare but I can't help it. It's like watching a wreck waiting to happen. Morbid curiosity, ya know? I know I'm definitely not the best dancer in the world but when you're watching from the sofa, it's makes you go "OMG, ARE THEY REALLY DANING LIKE THAT?!" Of course that means that we dance that way too. I'm trying not to judge but it's tough. Must. Not. Look. Anymore.

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[Oh Look, Krill!] Last Friday Of The Year

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It's the last Friday of the year and I'm at home watching Harry Potter. It's the eve of the new year tomorrow and I doubt ...

[Oh Look, Krill!] Reading List for 2012

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In the past month, I've been compiling a list of things that I'd like to read and re-read in 2012. I'm not sure what I my ...

The Shoe Library at Lane Crawford #shoes

The Shoe Library at Lane Crawford #shoes

hauteliving.com 29 Dec '11, 1pm

On December 19th , 2011, The Shoe Library opened its doors in Hong Kong, with the largest shoe floor in Asia, with fashion...

A Look Back at 2011 #Food

A Look Back at 2011 #Food

hungryepicurean.com 30 Dec '11, 7am

Someone said to me just a few days back, “Nothing makes me happier than having good food.” To be honest, when I heard it, ...

[Oh Look, Krill!] What I've Been Up To Lately

[Oh Look, Krill!] What I've Been Up To Lately

lookykrill.blogspot.com 26 Dec '11, 12pm

Being home the past couple of weeks, I've been doing a lot of things that I've not been able to do for quite a while due t...

[Oh Look, Krill!] Look What Came For Me Today

[Oh Look, Krill!] Look What Came For Me Today

lookykrill.blogspot.com 27 Dec '11, 10am

The lovely people at HBO Asia sent a little gift pack today, containing a bottle of True Blood, a 2012 desk calendar and a...

[Oh Look, Krill!] 2011 In Retrospect

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2011 was a year of change and procrastination. Change is the only constant, isn't it? Big changes happened at work that le...

#Isabella #Kcoordi #KoreanFashion Dress: Andre.K-Dress

#Isabella #Kcoordi #KoreanFashion Dress: Andre....

isabellakuan.com 29 Dec '11, 4am

I can’t believe it year end already!I’ve been staying in a lot lately,mainly cause to avoid the jam.Its year end and its s...

[Oh Look, Krill!] Moving Away From iDevices

[Oh Look, Krill!] Moving Away From iDevices

lookykrill.blogspot.com 27 Dec '11, 6am

At the recent demise of my 5 year old white Macbook, I was convinced to go back to using a Windows machine. It helped that...

Oh Oh! Singapore!

Oh Oh! Singapore!

is.asia-city.com 07 Jan '12, 4am

The year ahead promises all kinds of brilliant new arrivals, including the $1 billion Gardens by the Bay, a new budget air...

Technologies Worth a Second Look

ebnonline.com 29 Dec '11, 7pm

Technology changes quickly, but not that quickly. Many high-tech developments start out as breakthroughs and then become t...