30 Dec '11, 10am

Mexico sends 8,000 troops to violent north-east

MEXICO CITY (AFP) - Mexico has sent 8,000 additional troops to the crime-ridden north-east after a string of drug killings over the holidays, officials said. The extra forces will be distributed across several cities along the border with the United States state of Texas as well as in the southern part of the north-east Gulf coast Tamaulipas state, military spokesman Jose Juarez said on Thursday. At least 11 people were killed earlier this week in drug violence across northern Mexico, and troops made a grisly Christmas discovery when they found 13 bodies in a truck in Tamaulipas. Investigators say the murders are linked to the earlier discovery of 10 bodies in the town of Tampico Alto, in neighbouring Veracruz state, and attacks by gunmen last week on three buses that left 16 people dead.

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