31 Dec '11, 3am

In memoriam

In memoriam http://t.co/JMCyDmVO 5 hours ago [Biology Refugia] Fossil instrument plays "Flintstones" theme http://t.co/4iXjcUHM 17 hours ago @5828888 I got out then did the necessary calls to fix it, thanks. No signal inside! 2 days ago Stuck in the S2 lift for 10mins, intercom failed and no handphone signal. Knew I should not have gone back to Dept! 2 days ago [Biology Refugia] How the 'brinicle' was filmed http://t.co/lkf0GFaY 2 days ago [biod crew] TA Recruitment for Environmental Biology modules, AY2011/12 Sem 2 – application… http://t.co/tO7qwJMw 4 days ago Alarm clock http://t.co/E312Eij3 5 days ago Santa delivers http://t.co/wOFhdkEd 5 days ago Tiger the Cat on Christmas Day http://t.co/pIUh7gzO 5 days ago RT @gracechua : The Nature Society Singapore's position on Bukit Brown: http://t.co/tKk32ZIe 6 days ago

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In Memoriam: Norman Krim

In Memoriam: Norman Krim

spectrum.ieee.org 23 Dec '11, 7pm

Norman Krim, who died last week at the age of 98, was by all accounts a mensch , an all-around decent guy. This was eviden...