02 Jan '12, 4am

Theodora, a cute-as-a-button ginger kitteh, needs a home urgently! > (PLS

Theo is the only remaining kitten from the litter of three gingers called The Chipmunks. Theodora is a female kitten.She has a long tail and wears stripes on her coats.She just started on solids in early December 2011 and are stable in their health. The chipmunks were saved from the street by an old aunty when they were newborns. There were originally 5 of them without their mum, and taking pity on them, she took them into their home. Two were taken by her friend, leaving 3 in her care: Alvin (the largest and darkest), Theodora (female) and Simone ( female with white stockings). Simone was reserved quickly but passed away in the same week Alvin got adopted (in early Dec 2011). If you have a forever home for Theodora, email us at [email protected] or visit us on www.facebook.com/lifelinesg .

Full article: http://www.catwelfare.org/node/5647?post=6&age=0


not cute

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