04 Jan '12, 2am

Radio 91.3 DJ Rod Monteiro warded after suspected stroke

HE WAS entertaining listeners on air when he felt a numbness in his right leg yesterday. "It was a really strange feeling and it spread up my body to my right arm," said radio deejay Rod Monteiro, 44, who hosts The Married Men, from 6am to 10am on weekdays, on 91.3FM. He took a six-minute break when a song was played, and as he walked over to the couch to rest, his co-host, Andre Hoeden, noticed him dragging his right leg. About two hours later, Monteiro finally decided to inform co-hosts Hoeden and Jillian Lim of his predicament before being driven by Hoeden to the Singapore General Hospital where he was subsequently warded for what he suspects was a mild stroke. More in The New Paper today (Jan 4).

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Deejay Rod Monteiro to champion stroke prevention

Deejay Rod Monteiro to champion stroke prevention

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Mr Monteiro was admitted into Singapore General Hospital after suffering a mild stroke last Tuesday. Doctors have not been...