06 Jan '12, 3am

#Singapore's #music #whiz does mash-up of 33 songs in 3 min

#Singapore's #music #whiz does mash-up of 33 songs in 3 min

Joshua Simon, a 21-year-old Singaporean, put together a three-minute long video of 33 songs, with him singing some parts of it. Sending in his video, which currently has 74,239 views on YouTube, he said: "I worked really hard on it and I'm really excited to say that the video has been the "most watched local entertainment video" for the past four days on YouTube, Singapore. "I really hope that by sharing this, it can reach out to STOMP's readers too. "Not many people in Singapore do what I do, and I really want to make a big difference to the music scene here. "Please give this video a chance!"

Full article: http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sgseen/this_urban...


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