11 Jan '12, 4am

Victorinox unveils new Swiss Army knife which has blade, scissors, nail file. & a 1TB solid-state hard drive

LAS VEGAS (AFP) - Victorinox has pulled from its technology pocket a version of its vaunted Swiss Army knife equipped with a solid state drive capable of holding all of the digital data in a person's life. A USB drive capable of holding as much as a terabyte of data is folded into a Swiss Army Knife being shown-off at the Consumer Electronics Show that officially opened its doors on Tuesday in Las Vegas. 'It fits in the palm of my hand,' Victorinox spokesman Renee Hourigan said as she cupped in her palm a one-terabyte drive sheathed in the Switzerland-based company's iconic red casing. 'You can transfer everything to this and then throw your computer's external hard drive out the window,' she quipped. The terabyte-capacity version will be released globally by August and be priced at US$3,000 (S$3,879), according to Victorinox.

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