17 Jan '12, 9am


Welcome to ezb BBQ Packages. We have 8 of them catering to different budgets and number of people. For BBQs beyond this range, feel free to contact us to make any arrangements. They serve only as a guideline to any BBQ. To make changes to our packages: After adding your desired package to your shopping cart, you can adjust the quantity of the items or add on more items from our ala carte menu should the need arise. The package price will vary according to the amendments, and the cost will be reflected at the bottom right hand corner of the list. To purchase more than 1 package: Add the first package into your shopping cart. Return to "Packages" page, and add the second package to your shopping cart. Feel free to edit the items in the shopping cart before checking out and proceeding to the next step. Please note that all the price quoted here are inclusive of GST. The calcu...

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