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Her face broke out in pus-filled bumps after she used facial mask

Her face broke out in pus-filled bumps after she used facial mask

used a face mask after reading several good reviews about it. The STOMPer was shocked when she later broke out in pus-filled bumps that covered both her cheeks. The STOMPer wrote: "I think this is really important to share with all women out there, who purchase facial products by believing what the packaging states. "Recently, while reading Cleo magazine, I saw this brand B.liv which claims that it tightens pores, anti inflammation. "They even have a few girls stating reviews like they have really sensitive skin but this mask was really mild to their skin. "Furthermore, I went to their website to check out their review and it sounds really convincing. Thus I bought one of their hydrating masks called leach me. "Yesterday morning my skin was feeling dry, so according to the instructions, I applied the mask for 30 minutes. "At first I did feel a pleasant result as it did tig...

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    Please refer to the above link under Asia One for the full story on this case. http://www.yourhealth.com.sg/content/company-claims-pus-filled-sores-due-allergy-not-mask

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Very used!

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