01 Feb '12, 9am



Dove Cropped Cardigan Sponsored by The Handlebar . The Dove Cropped Cardigan is just perfect for school. Just nice for the cold lecture theaters but not too thick to make you sweat under the hot sun. It's in a very light weight satin material which feels extremely soft and smooth. Currently one of my favorite cardigan! VISIT THEHANDLEBAR.LIVEJOURNAL.COM Quote "SZESDOLLAR " and enjoy $1 off their total purchase from any collection! Join their Mailing List to receive exclusive discounts and promotions, like free postage etc. Visit their Facebook Page for real-time updates too! Check out their latest collection HERE now!!!

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hungrygowhere.com 10 Feb '12, 1pm

Been here twice already. Found the ambiance pretty nice and relaxed. Service staff are very friendly, perhaps being a bike...