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Post-dinner scratch

Post-dinner scratch http://t.co/BriSXntY Sent 40 minutes ago @avalon wow, you're so fast! @lekowala yup those kits are always on me, and hoping there is no use for it! http://t.co/CNzx7zcW Sent 57 minutes ago [Zendogs 2.0] First Aid supplies on my bike rides and a pinch of alertness! http://t.co/CNzx7zcW Sent 1 hour ago Realise I have quite a bit of first aid with me when I cycle, needs a couple of things still, though. http://t.co/dsMOeD27 Sent 3 hours ago RT @acroamatic : Battle for Singapore - NHB's battlefield trail app for iPhone, available here: http://t.co/CfwFvCO1 Sent 4 hours ago

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An ASOS inspired piece that we love very much. Our suppliers and friends can't stop raving about how much they love this p...

Selling post. Thanks!

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New Outfit Post!

New Outfit Post!

songofstyle.blogspot.com 08 Feb '12, 12pm

Btw, Not sure if you've heard, but guess what? I've been chosen to walk down the Polyvore Live Fashion Show presented by C...

Outfit Post: Mephistopheles

Outfit Post: Mephistopheles

monoxious.com 07 Feb '12, 8pm

Visited the Natural History Museum with Arissa! It’s one of my favourite places in London, probably because Singapore does...

Updated mini selling post:

Updated mini selling post:

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I have a blog, read it if you're bored! Advertising is what I do, if you need advising then I'm here for you: [email protected]

Valentine’s Dinner on the Concorde

Valentine’s Dinner on the Concorde

luxuo.com 09 Feb '12, 9pm

British Airways have announced a charity auction that will allow a pair of high-flying romantics to enjoy the ultimate Val...

An article that MOS @chuanjin1 shared. I’m begi...

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Recently, I took a day's leave from work to accompany my six-year-old son to his dental check-up. The appointment was in t...

New Post: Romantic Things To Do With Your Partner

New Post: Romantic Things To Do With Your Partner

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(181 Orchard Road #07-02 Orchard Central Tel: + 65 6834 4829) is the place to go for good and relatively affordable cookin...

How To Get #Rails 3 and #RSpec 2 Running Specs Fast (From Scratch)

How To Get #Rails 3 and #RSpec 2 Running Specs ...

rubyinside.com 11 Feb '12, 12pm

@Mike: Just to clear the air, I hadn't seen your post (or even your blog, till now) and, unusually, didn't refer to or che...

Mark Fast's dinner last night. Kanye, Sasha, Ta...

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to be our best friend, because at a dinner organised by Mark Fast at the Corinthia Hotel where everyone - and we mean EVER...