08 Feb '12, 1pm

Zo en dan nu eerst een heerlijke kop Imperial Lapsang souchong thee. Smoky...!

This smoky TWG black tea boasts beautiful leaves and a smooth, full-bodied flavour impregnated with the aroma of rare Chinese pine. A generous daytime tea that is perfect with a savoury meal. The Finest Harvest Collection contains eight single origin whole leaf teas from eight tea producing regions around the world. A sleek, illustrated insert providing tasting notes, country and region-specific information, descriptions and instructions for preparing the tea accompanies every beautifully boxed tea tin. TWG Tea’s Finest Harvest Collection includes teas from India, Kenya, South Africa, Ceylon, Thailand and China. In its entirety, the Collection offers a veritable trip around the world, revisiting some of the grand classics in their finest form while introducing extraordinary teas from lesser known tea producing regions.

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Christian Dior Patchouli Imperial

luxuryculture.com 09 Feb '12, 9am

WINDOW SHOPPING / SURVIVAL KIT / CHRISTIAN DIOR PATCHOULI IMPERIAL “Patchouli is a major note, the most animal of all the ...