10 Feb '12, 12pm

@minnmichaelhwei whiteeee oneeeeee. hahaha

@minnmichaelhwei whiteeee oneeeeee. hahaha

YOU ASKED FOR IT! Backorders now available for: SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE DRESS IN MIDNIGHT BLUE S / M SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE DRESS IN PEACHY PINK S / M SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE DRESS IN PEARL IVORY S / M THE SONGBIRD DRESS IN BLUE BERRY S / M Backorders to close on WEDNESDAY 15TH FEBRUARY 2012 or when all slots are taken! To order, please make payment FIRST and leave a comment in the following format. All payments to be made to: *DBS SAVINGS PLUS 018-5-096205 *UOB Uniplus Account 349-385-591-1 *OCBC Smart Savings 519-083810-001 Please note that we have changed our OCBC account. FORMAT: Name: Email address: Mailing address: Type of postage: Meet up / Normal / Registered (additional $2.24) Item(s) ordered: Color: Size: Total amount transferred: Date and time of transfer: Mode of payment: Ibanking / ATM transfer For IBANKING users: - ibanking nick: - transaction ref: FOR ATM transfers, pl...

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New post: A polite request

jimseven.com 03 Feb '12, 1pm

I’ve drafted this post a few times, and unfortunately it has come out as being either rude, or patronising or a bit ranty....