21 Feb '12, 9am

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If you do not wish to undergo the medical check-up with the listed clinics, you may have your check-up and x-ray done by any Singapore registered medical practitioner. If your medical reports require more than 5 working days for collection, please inform us & mail in the report later. Do not hold back on the submission of the other documents. If you have already submitted your medical & x-ray report to another polytechnic, you are not required to do another medical check-up. Indicate the polytechnic you have submitted to on Checklist A (A14) and we will follow-up with the respective polytechnic. Costs incurred for your medical check-up will be fully borne by you.

Full article: http://www.tp.edu.sg/home/admissions/enrolment/tpenrolmen...


Temasek Review Emeritus apologises to PM Lee

Temasek Review Emeritus apologises to PM Lee

straitstimes.com 22 Feb '12, 1am

Mr Richard Wan (above), was served with a lawyer's letter asking that TRE apologise and take down a post that alleged cron...