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@Treecinrehs i also not sure. haiya somemore i on ebay found my hello kitty lomo. should i get it !!!!!! http://t.co/zzX4jvby

Click some amazing pictures with the Lomography Diana Mini camera and make your memories last for ever. Using the 35mm film, this Lomography point and shoot camera renders up to 72 shots in half-frame mode. With multiple exposure features, this film camera offers excellent pictures with details and clarity. In case of low lighting conditions, the Diana flash of this Lomography point and shoot camera offers the required brightness. Being tripod mountable and with the cable release attachment, this film camera enables easy handling of the device. The compact size of the Lomography Diana Mini makes it easily portable.

Full article: http://www.ebay.com.sg/itm/LOMO-DIANA-MINI-HELLO-KITTY-Ed...



Additional charges: Normal postage $1.00 / Registered postage $3.50

@Treecinrehs give you link. Btw on top of the p...

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SGFLEAMARKET - LOMO Hello Kitty Mini Diana + Fujifilm Instax 210 Wide Camera Preorder

Why, hello there.

Why, hello there.

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For the engine room and garage a fixed gas fire extinguishing system is installed with the required amount of nozzles and ...

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If you're a diehard Hello Kitty fan, you'll love this restaurant in #China

If you're a diehard Hello Kitty fan, you'll lov...

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For diehard Hello Kitty fans, you would be happy to know that China's Hello Kitty empire, initially consisting of a theme ...