26 Feb '12, 3am

Google News - #Nepal shamans spread message to Westerners - Straits Times

KATHMANDU (AFP) - Her body begins shaking as she mumbles an ancient shaman mantra to the beat of a double-sided drum, coaxing snake spirits out of a young Nepali man who has 'lost his soul'. Iron bells around Parvati Rai's white shirt ring as she jumps and writhes in a trance, her head-dress of peacock feathers waving wildly as she flings her arms over her patient. In the background, awestruck Westerners watch the animistic ceremony performed not high in a mountain pass, but in a comfortable modern property in suburban Kathmandu. 'The boy has lost his soul and we are helping him find it,' says Mohan Rai, founder of the Shamanistic Studies and Research Centre Nepal, as he helps the ethnic Kirati healer complete the age-old ritual. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. blog comments powered by Disqus

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Nepal pensioner crowned world's shortest man

Nepal pensioner crowned world's shortest man

straitstimes.com 26 Feb '12, 10am

Editor-in-Chief of Guinness World Records Craig Glanday (right) and Dr Kashila Pradhan (left) officially measure Nepal's C...