20 Mar '11, 2am

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I am rich!!!!!! Although $325 may not be a lot compared to what some ah sia kias (rich people's sons) are getting, but it's still a pretty good sum of effortless cash!Daddy gave me the most money ($200), followed by a mysterious parent (I think it's Kelvin's) who gave the second most: $28.Angpows are sooooo shiok! It's the best thing about being Chinese, followed closely by xiao long baos (and various other cuisines such as the salted egg yolk prawns) and the beautiful language of Mandarin.This year I kept getting invited to prestigious houses to bai nian! Qing asked me to go to her sister's place (I actually yelped in excitement in the middle of mahjong) although I am forbidden to tell you guys who she is (if you guess it correctly in the comments I will delete it!).And then Ming asked me to go to this guy's place... HIS HOUSE GOT FLAMINGOS AND PEACOCKS WALKING AROUND CAN...

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Psyche of A Plastic

Psyche of A Plastic

xiaxue.blogspot.com 16 Mar '11, 4pm

Ok I'm gonna write a wordy rambling post!!! Brain filled with random thoughts that I need to unload. Today's topic is plas...

@clarievil xD

@clarievil xD

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Advertorial Hahaha! When it comes to this all-important question, us girls always reply... Why can't I have both? Anyway, ...

Terry: I know I'm not everyone's cup of tea

todayonline.com 23 Mar '11, 4am

LONDON - John Terry has admitted not everybody will welcome him back as England skipper with open arms - but insisted his ...

Singaporean teacher proves not everyone is kiasi.

todayonline.com 18 Mar '11, 10pm

SINGAPORE - Despite arrangements to help Singaporeans living in Sendai - located only 90km from Fukushima - leave for safe...



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Finally got down to editing my pictures from my trip to Dallas, Texas last December! Wow, my average wait time for a blog ...