21 Mar '11, 6am

Free Skype credit vouchers for those in Japan

TO HELP those in disaster-struck Japan stay in touch with their friends and family, Skype is giving out a free ¥80 (about S$1.25) credit voucher to each of their Japanese customers. With the voucher, they can make a call of more than 25 minutes to a land-line phone in Japan (as well as to some other countries, including China and the United States), or send text messages directly from Skype. The vouchers, which are being distributed to Skype's customers in Japan via email, expire on April 17. Last week, Skype also made their pay-per-minute Internet access service free at WiFi hotspots throughout Japan. This story is only available online.

Full article: http://www.todayonline.com/Tech/EDC110321-0000799/Free-Sk...


MAS proposes regulation of credit rating agencies

channelnewsasia.com 23 Mar '11, 8am

SINGAPORE: The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has released a consultation paper on proposed regulation of credit ra...