10 Apr '11, 1am

(TTR) Are we prisoners by default?

Opposition Please. If not it is gonna be “Lee’s Island” soon. And regarding to the writer’s point, about the salary part. Salary is not pathetic compared to other countries, for the government units only. I’ve to agree with you that the rest of Singaporean’s wages are really quite pathetic. As we have been through there, everything raise, GST; ERP; Petrol; Housing; Education; Healthcare, even cost of Kopi increase! All INCREASE! Country’s GDP increase! Which directly means more $$$ BUT our SALARY like never increase LEH! Every year TAX here Tax there, COE this COE that. Next time bicycle also needs COE, I bet! Every August 9th, our TAXES became very “Beautiful” up in the skies. People, think about it. Opposition, for the better future.

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(TTR) Wake up for Singapore

(TTR) Wake up for Singapore

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I have strong believe that no matter what level of ignorance or cowardice we might have among us, one thing is for sure, W...