11 Apr '11, 9am

Symantec Report Finds Cyber Threats Skyrocket in Volume and Sophistication with Java as a prime target. #java

The major mobile platforms are finally becoming ubiquitous enough to garner the attention of attackers, and as such, Symantec expects attacks on these platforms to increase. In 2010, most malware attacks against mobile devices took the form of Trojan Horse programs that pose as legitimate applications. While attackers generated some of this malware from scratch, in many cases, they infected users by inserting malicious logic into existing legitimate applications. The attacker then distributed these tainted applications via public app stores. For example, the authors of the recent Pjapps Trojan employed this approach. While the new security architectures employed in today’s mobile devices are at least as effective as their desktop and server predecessors, attackers can often bypass these protections by attacking inherent vulnerabilities in the mobile platforms’ implementati...

Full article: http://www.hardwarezone.com/tech-news/view/163587


Cyber wellness educational game launched

channelnewsasia.com 08 Apr '11, 6am

SINGAPORE: A new computer game to educate children about cyber wellness was launched on Friday at Holy Innocents' Primary ...