18 Apr '11, 4am

What kind of #parents are these? The #worst #parenting #fails ever

Parents are supposed to protect and prepare their children for their lives ahead in the big, scary world. But STOMPer orphanageisbetter thinks these parents are not doing a very good job. The STOMPer writes: "Maybe it's just for a laugh, but these parents could be scarring their children for life! "Why would you risk the safety of your own flesh and blood, especially when they're at such a helpless age? "For the parent with the 'not-so-slim' girl in the trolley, that's just being too protective to the point of harm. "That mother is just as bad as the father who's dangling his daughter above the swimming pool. "How traumatizing it must be for the child!" Check out the worst parenting examples in the galley below!

Full article: http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sgseen/this_urban...


Baby in iconic tsunami photo safe with parents

Baby in iconic tsunami photo safe with parents

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