24 Apr '11, 1pm

beberapa bocoran ponsel yang akan dirilis musim panas ini........ di Jepang.

Hmm, so for this upcoming Summer season it seems Fujitsu's flagship model is back to yoko-motion slider again, ala F-09A style. No wonder it's dubbed the F-09C lol. I wonder did they improved the user interface this time, just like how the F-01C was a huge jump in terms of user interface usability+speed compared to its prev predecessor model F-01B. F-07C ala FMV Loox Windows 7 smartphone definitely piques my interest though, seeing as to how I always have a soft spot for QWERTY-kb phones. It's interesting how Fujitsu has given the F-07C the FMV Loox branding since the Loox brand marketing has always been synonymous with their own domestic notebook models as well as ultra-mobile PCs like their Loox U G90 series akin to the Sony Vaio P series. I'm definitely quite bothered by the increase of megapixels in most of the flagship camera-phone models though, like 16MP seriously? ...

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