28 Apr '11, 2am

Siah Chong Loon - Homophobic bigot PFFFT

MR SIAH CHONG LOON: 'Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) candidate Dr Ang Yong Guan was quoted as saying that 'a person's sexual orientation doesn't matter', while reacting to news about his teammate, Dr Vincent Wijeysingha ('PAP and SDP square off over 'smear tactics''; Tuesday). A person's sexual orientation is immaterial and not an issue to most Singaporeans if he is not holding an influential public office. If Dr Wijeysingha were to be voted into Parliament, I would be very wary of him if he is a gay activist. A Member of Parliament is beholden to his electorate to preserve the social fabric and moral values of our society. We are still a conservative nation with strong family and religious values against homosexuality. The last thing we want in Parliament is a gay activist. I am certain the voters of Holland-Bukit Timah GRC would not want to vote in their 'first gay MP'.'

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