03 May '11, 6pm

France plans Libya transition meeting

PARIS: France said Tuesday it has planned a conference of "friends of Libya" to work on political transition in the country, where it backs the rebels fighting against long-term ruler Muammar al-Gaddafi. "France will in the coming weeks hold a big conference of friends of Libya to build a future for the country," French President Nicolas Sarkozy was quoted as saying in an interview in Wednesday's edition of L'Express magazine. The conference will gather "all the political elements" of Libya, "including if necessary members from the Gaddafi regime on condition that they have broken away from him and do not have blood on their hands," Sarkozy added. "If we want to isolate Gaddafi and speed up the joining of the Transitional National Council, we must demonstrate openness" to former regime members, he said. He did not specify the planned date or location of the conference.

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International talks in Rome to seek Libya solution

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Israel PM \"halts settlement plans\"

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Gaddafi steps up attacks across Libya: rebels

Gaddafi steps up attacks across Libya: rebels

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French bloggers' Libya trip turns tragic - AsiaOne

French bloggers' Libya trip turns tragic - AsiaOne

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France fears reprisals for Osama bin Laden killing

France fears reprisals for Osama bin Laden killing

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