Ban them! HK did Just do it? @gracechua: Plans to cut use of plastic bags Yeah? PLAN BETTER #greensg

Notwithstanding, the National Environment Agency (NEA) encourages the community to conserve resources and cut waste using the 3Rs approach - reduce, reuse and recycle - through its various outreach activities at the national and community levels. To reduce the usage of plastic bags, NEA also supports industry initiatives such as that of Ikea, which charges shoppers for plastic bags, and NTUC FairPrice, which gives rebates to shoppers who bring their own shopping bags. NEA also works closely with the Singapore Environment Council, the community development councils, and major retailers such as Giant, Cold Storage, Guardian and 7-Eleven to educate the public to use plastic bags only when necessary or to bring their own bags for shopping. Ong Seng Eng Director, Waste & Resource Management Department National Environment Agency Singapore's not as green as it should be Straits ...

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