10 May '11, 5am

Ever wanted to work for a kickass company, travel, do interviews & videos for the love of eSports? Razer's hiring!

At Razer, there are two things we’re hugely passionate about – making the best gaming peripherals for gamers worldwide, and winning at video games. And we channel those two fundamental passions into one domain – e-Sports. We take professional gamers onboard and help elevate them to legendary status with our products. And in turn, they are the champions for our core belief: that we play hard and win harder. That’s where you come in – we need somebody who burns with the same passion as we do for e-Sports, a competitively driven soul who can channel all that positive energy into building an exclusive online platform where e-Sports fans and like-minded gamers can go to learn more about the ongoings of our sponsored teams. This entails writing journalistic-style content such as news, interviews, profiles, as well as taking photos and making videos. On occasion, you’ll even get ...

Full article: http://www.jobstreet.com.sg/jobs/2011/4/r/20/2541475.htm?...


Inaugural Asian Short Film [email protected]

mda.gov.sg 10 May '11, 3am

Singapore, 9 May 2011 – The Board of ScreenSingapore announced today that the inaugural Asian Short Film [email protected]

'I'm a work in progress'

todayonline.com 09 May '11, 10pm

SINGER-songwriter Sara Bareilles is really thrilled to be performing in Singapore. She said so herself. "I am thrilled. I ...