12 May '11, 9pm

A new way to shop: Topshop in Russia to use Kinect in virtual changing rooms

MOSCOW - Microsoft's Xbox Kinect motion sensor technology has been adapted to help shoppers virtually "try on" clothes in a Topshop store in Russia. The specially adapted "fitting room" allows anyone to try a piece of clothing on by waving their hand. The virtual clothes then pin themselves onto a projected image of the user's body on a screen. AR Door, a Russian Augmented Reality company, made the device using image recognition tools and Microsoft's Kinect technology. A person's arm gesture triggers the camera to take a photo and also to move onto the next item of clothing. All clothes are projected on top of what a user is wearing. It is thought that the device may help decrease queues for fitting rooms. Microsoft was unavailable for comment. THE DAILY TELEGRAPH

Full article: http://www.todayonline.com/TechandDigital/Digital/EDC1105...