20 May '11, 1am

Caught on cam : Bride-to-be attempts suicide Photos | Caught on cam : Bride-to-be attempts suicide..

sO MUCH FOR ARRANGED MARRIAGES, Dam the natives would rather force there kidfolk into marrage for money then happiness.... looks like they was looking out for the best interest of there daughter. guy must of really grossed her out big time, she looks young and he looks pretty dam old..... cant blame her, i would want out of it too.. well not enough to kill myself, she should of poisoned his sorry @#$% at dinner.lol

Full article: http://sg.news.yahoo.com/photos/caught-on-cam-bride-to-be...


Amazing pictures Bride-to-be attempts suicide..

sg.news.yahoo.com 20 May '11, 3am

God gave us brain, for us to dfferentiate between good and bad, but humans always think of good happenings and ignored bad...

Strauss-Kahn on suicide watch

Strauss-Kahn on suicide watch

channelnewsasia.com 17 May '11, 9pm

NEW YORK: Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the International Monetary Fund chief accused of attempting to rape a hotel maid, has be...